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Growing up in Brazil, Cristiane was surrounded by a rich and diverse variety of fruits and plants that were not only delicious but also very useful in treating various problems. Her mother is a big believer in the power of nature and would prepare all sorts of natural remedies from plants, fruits, seeds, barks and roots, some of which were grown in her own backyard.

Following her heart, Cristiane moved to Quebec, Canada, where she learned with her daughters, Alexandra and Marianne, the health benefits of a holistic approach to life, which later became an important part of the company philosophy - a beauty routine is an incredible way to take care of yourself and find the right balance by connecting mind, body and soul.

In her late 40s, Cristiane started trying retinol-based skincare, but with her sensitive skin, she was never able to find a product that didn't irritate her skin. At the same time, her teenage daughters also faced dry skin and redness after applying acne medication.

After reading the ingredients on the product labels, they realized that they were mostly synthetic chemicals, some of them considered carcinogenic, which meant they were not only irritating but also very bad for their health.

They then started researching natural alternatives, including herbal remedies, only to find that these products were not suitable for their needs. Together, Cristiane, Alexandra and Marianne decided to create their own recipes using luxurious, high performance ingredients that were suitable for different skin types, 100% natural and non-toxic - the results were so amazing that friends and family started to notice!

BRASQUÉ was therefore born in November 2019 from the marriage of the roots of Cristiane du "BRASil" and the integrated approach to the well-being of Alexandra and Marianne to live right here in the "QUEbec”. Driven by a firm belief that skincare should be safe and effective, they have developed a comprehensive skincare line that targets the most common skin concerns, all naturally!



Gender equality and the economic empowerment of women are fundamental values ​​of Brasqué Beauté. We believe change is possible when each of us challenges the status quo! ⁠ Together we will always do better!

As a women-owned company, we work very hard to offer the highest quality products by selecting natural and highly effective, vegan and non-toxic active ingredients, allowing all women to be at their best. A lot of research is done to create each formula that will provide the perfect balance of texture, color and aroma to deliver high performance results and a luxury experience. We design and manufacture ourselves in small batches to keep it fresh.

"We love what we do!" And we love how much smoother and more beautiful skin becomes with regular use of our skincare products. We hope you love it as much as we do! »

Alexandra, Marianne and Cristiane.