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Welcome to our website (the "Website"). This website is owned and promoted by Industries Brasqué Inc. (“Industries Brasqué Inc.”). It aims to provide general information about Brasqué Beauté (“Brasqué Beauté”), a brand belonging to Industries Brasqué Inc., and it provides the possibility to order Brasqué Beauté products.

To ensure that your privacy is respected, Brasqué Beauté has adopted a Privacy Policy on the processing of personal information of users and customers of the Brasqué Beauté website.

This Privacy Policy aims to establish responsible and transparent practices in the management of personal information, in our relations with our customers and the users of our website.

Your information helps us serve you better. This information can also help us to better meet the needs and tastes of our customers.

Certain information may be collected about visitors to the Brasqué Beauté website. This collection allows us to study the habits and preferences of these visitors and to develop or improve our products and our offers, or to create new ones.

We do not sell or transmit any personal information about our users or customers to outside organizations.

Brasqué Beauté retains the personal information of its customers only for the period necessary for their use, or as required by law. Your information is then destroyed, or else it is "depersonalized", that is to say reduced to simple statistical elements with no possible link with you.

Your personal information is never reused for purposes other than those expressed in our Privacy Policy, unless we first obtain your explicit consent.

Your information is kept exclusively by Brasqué Beauté. They are stored in databases protected by regularly updated security technologies and subject to strict control procedures.

Brasqué Beauté offers you a safe browsing environment on our website. When you place an order or perform any other transaction on our website, your personal information is protected by encryption technology that secures the transmission of your information.

Like most websites of a commercial nature, the Brasqué Beauté website uses cookies or “cookies” as well as pixel tags. These allow in particular to recognize your device and its browser in order to remember your preferences for your next visits to our website. In addition, Brasqué Beauté may use these cookies or cookies or even pixel tags to provide you with offers or advertisements based on your preferences.

These cookies or cookies or even these pixel tags cannot give access to your device or provide personal information other than that which you voluntarily transmit during your visit.

If you have any questions about our Website Privacy Policy, please contact us at